Thursday, February 7, 2013

Flocking Powder Nails

I hope you are enjoying your Thursday! I've been wanting to try this particular nail art trend for awhile. The idea of fuzzy nails sounded odd in the beginning, but curiosity took over. So I went in search of flocking powder. The only kind I could find in my city was the Martha Stewart set. Twelve glitter filled for $20. Not exactly what I wanted. So I did a little searching online and found a great deal. Nine colors for about $10, including shipping.

This is a mixture of gray flocking powder with little holographic glitters. The glitter is hard to capture; you can see some of them on my thumb. It was easy to apply. I painted each nail with a gray creme then did another coat one nail at a time. I dipped my nail into the flocking powder, pressed it down gently, then cleaned off the excess with a fan brush.

The texture is not nearly as distracting as I expected. The velvety feel was interesting to wear for a day. It stayed on relatively well through hand washing and whatnot. The flocking powder dries quickly. Definitely pick a base polish that is close to the flocking powder. If any comes off, it makes the bald spots much less noticeable and blend in really well.

I ordered all of my flocking powder from Kandies Faux Candy Charms on Etsy. Her shop is on vacation right now, but should be up shortly. The powder costs $1 for a 2x3 inch bag and comes in a variety of colors. Some with glitter, some without.

I might try a few other flocking powder manicures in different colors before the leftovers become part of my craft supplies. What do you think of the fuzzy trend?


  1. Ok, this is like the best color for this I've seen! Love it!

    1. Thanks! I thought it was an interesting color to start with. :)