Monday, January 30, 2012

Flormar U18

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! I have a beautiful polish to show you today. 

It was difficult to capture the beauty of Flormar U18 on the nail. However, the gorgeousness you see in the bottle does appear on the nail in person. This is two coats of U18. It applied very well and evenly. I absolutely love this polish!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Color Club Blue Topia & Finger Paints Asylum

Bring on the flakies! I absolutely love this trend of flakie polishes. 

I used two coats of Color Club Blue Topia and two coats of Finger Paints Asylum. Despite there being four coats plus base and top coat, this layering was not thick at all, which I am happy for. Blue Topia applied easily. It is a dark jelly polish. Asylum applied like a dream. The flakies distributed evenly.

I absolutely love this combination!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Zoya Pippa

Today I have a bright and lovely polish to show you. Perfect for the coming Spring and Summer seasons.

Zoya Pippa is amazingly bright. A bright sunny yellow polish. Zoya describes her as "Ultra-bright, sunny and cheerful medium lemon yellow creme. A happy shade that will surely light up a room." They described Pippa perfectly. What you see above is two coats. The application is creamy and smooth. Also shiny, as there is no topcoat in my pictures. A must have yellow.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Combining Neon, Purple & Glitter

Last week's Monday Nail Art Challenge on PAA was Crackle. This polish effect has definitely grown on me. When crackle first hit the polish world, I disliked the look. It wasn't until I received a free black crackle that I fell in love with the uniqueness of it.

I used Milani Fresh Teal as a base coat. Fresh Teal is a lovely neon one coat polish. Next I layered on Finger Paints Purple Crackle. It cracked nicely, as you can see. I'm a big fan of accent nails, so I just had to add some glitter to my index finger. I chose Essence Edward. I love Edward so much. Such a pretty glitter.

What do you think of crackle polishes?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Zoya Charla

Today I'm bringing you a mani I did when I was sick. Polishing went well, but I apparently cannot take good pictures while sick. I promise Zoya Charla is so much prettier than the images show.

You can see the different colors if you look at the bottle. Charla reminds me of a mermaid. Its simply gorgeous! This is two coats. You can see some slight visible nail line in the pictures, that was not visible in person.

If you like blue, you definitely need to own Zoya Charla.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Retro Stars Rainbow Gradient

Its Stamping Sunday over at Adventures In Stamping on Facebook. This week is Stars. And tomorrow's Nail Art Challenge at Polish-aholics Anonymous is Gradient/Ombre. I had this vision of a rainbow gradient with black stars. My nails are not exactly what I imagined, but the design is growing on me.

It reminds me of a vintage tee where the edges of the images fade and become worn. I don't think this plate image was etched deep enough. I could not pick up the image in the same spots over and over.

Its a lot of color! I used Essie Bone Chilling, Zoya Pippa, Dahlia Orange, Love My Nails New Love, Color Club Poptastic, Julep Anne, Zoya Phoebe, and Sinful Colors Irish Green. I started with a coat of Bone Chilling then sponged on each of the other colors. Next I stamped the stars on using the BM21 plate and Sinful Colors Black on Black.

I really like how colorful this is!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Finger Paints Flecked over Sally Hansen Plum Power

I'm back! :) I am finally starting to feel better. Not 100 percent better, but getting there. I did not paint my nails much at all while I was sick, but I did a few times. I couldn't stand chipped polish or bare nails.

One of my manicures was a layering combination with Sally Hansen Plum Power and Finger Paints Flecked.

Flecked is from Finger Paints' new Special Effects Collection. This flakie polish flashes green and blue. Its absolutely beautiful in person. The whole collection is meant to be worn over black; however, they are gorgeous over other colors. I really like my combination of adding purple. Flecked applied beautifully in just one coat. It also was removed very easily with polish remover. Much less stuburn than glitter. If you've ever removed glitter polish, you know what I mean.

The Finger Paints Special Effects Collection is still at Sally Beauty Supply, or should be. Several stores have sold out. So far, I've only been able to find Flecked and Asylum.

Friday, January 13, 2012


I apologize that I have published a post in about a week. I have been terribly sick, still am. As soon as I start feeling better, I promise to start regularly posting again.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bootie Babe

I finally bought some Bootie Babe polishes during their holiday sale. If you have not seen them, they are shaped like butts. I could not resist the unique little bottle. They are so cute!

I ordered three: Hella Baloo, Electric Lemon, and Mean Tangerine. Each polish came in a little box with the name on top. I also got two stickers that match the little stickers on top of each bottle.

I alternated the polishes on my fingers. The application is great. Hella Baloo went on smooth and opaque in one coat. Given Electric Lemon and Mean Tangerine are neon, I layered them over white to get their full brightness and make them easily opaque.

I could definitely see myself purchasing more Bootie Babe polishes in the future.

The prices are still at $4 a bottle and available on their website. According to their Facebook page, Bootie Babe hopes to have new and improved bottles by April 2012. The bottles are going to be bigger (0.5oz/15mL instead of the current 0.31oz/9mL) and have taller easier to use caps. They will also have 24 colors. No information yet as to whether the current 12 will be part of that 24.

I love the idea of full size bottles. I did not find the short caps hard to work with. However, I imagine the longer ones will be easier for some. I'm looking forward to seeing what will come from Bootie Babe in the future.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Models Own Raspberry Crush

My first Models Own polish! I got it brand new from Devin at At Your Fingertips on her blogsale. I have been dying to try Models Own.

Models Own Raspberry Crush is a gorgeous bright pink polish. It applied like a dream, opaque in two coats. I am in love with this pink. I must buy more Models Own. I also love their bottles. Simplicity at its best.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Penguin Nails

My first manicure of 2012! What better way to start off my year than with penguins. I just adore penguins!

I did penguin accent nails on each ring finger going off of a tutorial my Finger Painted. I used Sinful Colors Black on Black, Snow Me White, NYC Times Square Tangerine, China Glaze Sun Worshiper, a Bon Bons polish in hot pink, and Color Club Candy Cane. My left ring finger (that you see) is a girl penguin with a bow. I left the bow off for the other penguin.

I painted the rest of my nails with one coat of the hot pink Bon Bons then one coat Color Club Candy Cane.