Saturday, August 11, 2012

One Year Blogiversary

Today is my one year blogiversary! I cannot believe I have been doing this blog for one whole year. I have met some amazing people through doing this. And learned so much. I'm happy for every moment of it.

To all of my readers, I want to say thank you! Some have been here since day one and others came later, but you've all stuck with me this long, and I greatly appreciate that.

I want to do a small giveaway as a thank you for inspiring me to keep this blog going. I will get it all set up and it will go live later in the week.

Again, THANK YOU!! :)


  1. Congratulations on your One Year Anniversary babe~!!
    I am enjoying every posting, swatches and nail art <3

    Keep them coming and may there be many more years to come~!!


  2. Congratulations on one year, mine one year was earlier this month. Hope your blog continues to grow and do well.

  3. Congratulations! Very pleased to have discovered your blog. Will be following for the next year!!!