Saturday, July 20, 2013

Take a Peek at My Storage With Me

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday! I've been slacking on my posting again. 2013 has not been the kindest year. There have been good things. But those good things are also time consuming. So here we are...

I have been meaning to do this post for months. I'm always curious about peoples storage, so why not share my own? I recently added some new pieces and did a little rearranging, so it seemed like the perfect time for pictures. First off, let me start by saying "ignore the mess". I'm not a neat freak. More like organized chaos queen, so there is a lot of junk going on by my storage.

Behold the tower of polish! LOL... I have six melmers. Yes, six. If you aren't savvy with the polish community lingo, melmer is not the real name. We call them melmers because they are similar to a helmer from Ikea, and can be found at Michaels. Take the M from Michaels and add it to part of helmer. :)  Depending on where you get them, they are called different things. Hobby Lobby sells JetMax 3-Drawer Storage Cubes. Mine are from Michaels and is a Recollections Drawer Cube. They are all the exact same thing (as far as I know), except the drawer pulls vary from brand to brand. Mine have filing cabinet type pulls.

As you can see, I have three drawers stacked on top of each other. They are designed to stack. Three is as high as I've ever gone. The front of the drawers are covered with scrapbook paper (from Michaels), which was placed on with modge podge. I recently bought two of the cubes you see here and did not have the energy the get the scrapbook paper on after assembling. So I left them blank and rearranged the drawers. I like the break of white.

On top of the cubes, I have my little Recollections Desktop Carousel (from Michaels), a decorative "Paris" box, and a bag.

A closeup of my carousel. I have so much stored in this thing. Suspension base, bottles, rhinestones, nail polish pens, toe separators, nail art brushes, my giant 4 ounce bottle of Seche Vite, my nail wheels, and much much more. It spins for easy access to everything. How fun?!

The "Paris" box is from Hobby Lobby and stores all of my backup polishes. Yes, I need an entire box for them. I love anything French themed. Blame it on my Louisianian heart. The bag on top of the box is my manicure bag. It has practically everything I need to do my nails. I pull what I need from my drawers and put it in a specific pocket of the bag then go to wherever I'm doing my nails. The bag contains a lot. Polish thinner, cotton balls, q-tips, cuticle oil, base coats, top coats, cuticle remover, stamper, scraper, nail clippers, lotion, polish remover, and a whole bunch more. Now to take a peek inside the drawers...

An example of two drawers for you guys. I do not fill my drawers to full capacity. I used to and I hated rearranging every time I got a new polish. So now I leave space for new addictions. The top picture shows a drawer lined with basic no slip drawer liner. I need to replace it. It ruins the labels on the bottom of polish. Makes them all weird and oily. In the second picture, you can see my new lining. Fleece. Easily accessible for purchase and keeps the bottles from moving around.

As you can see, my drawers are not full. So I do not have six melmers full of polish. I have five semi full of polish, with space for new polishes. One is for supplies.

Oh, and for the curious people: I know I would be staring on these pictures wondering what all the stuff in the background was. I'm curious like that. You can see my Renoir print, faux gumball machine, wire jewelry mannequin, basket, boxes, and fleur de lis rug.

Wow... I think that basically covers everything. If there is anything else you would like to see, let me know. :)


  1. I just purchased my first Melmers today! They have yet to be assembled, but I love the idea of decorating them.

    Out of curiousity, approximately how many bottles does a single drawer hold? I wonder if I should buy more while they are on sale.

    Thank you!

    1. Each drawer holds about 100 bottles when full.

  2. LOVE! Jealous - I wish my housemate would get out early - he gave his notice but he's not moved anything yet and he has only 10 days and needs to take 5 trips over 500 miles to move and says not getting a truck - odd - but when he does leave (and I hope he does not stay on and make me try and get him out - he knows he's not getting his deposit back due to damage to the carpet and has already said refusing to clean at all which was given to him on move in even on a check out list of what he would need to do when leaving and he agreed and signed it)...anyhow...when gone - good riddance and i am not getting a new one in there - I am finally going to dump some of the furniture for cheap and I am getting a desk, lamp, chair set up to do nails and getting my over 1500 shades out of the plastic rubbermaid boxes they live in and putting them in Mlemers in an order I can find stuff...I have a database but after pulling 'em over the past yr now they are not in order they went into database in soooo hard to find what I think I want. Maybe I will do a few friends and their friends nails for free or they can 'tip' me for the cost of the polish...I would love, love doing that...right now I take a little tray to the place I had my chemo - the doc there likes to have me come and offer to paint toes or nails and it's legal because it's volunteer and his medical license covers anyone doing any work in his office. I just don't cut toenails and I have to look at toes first before I saw I can or will polish them - some folks you just know you should not try to mess with. but it delights many to have their nails done while getting chemo...lots of men love it now too...and not always just sticking to clear - I get some odd looks from their sig others sometimes when I have done a man getting chemo in lavender or blue or whatever they wanted off my tray...but heck - it puts a smile on their face! That's what it's about...a little bit of pleasure during all that ick.