Monday, September 9, 2013

Where I have been this year

This year has been tough. We buried my grandma on New Years Day. That was incredibly hard for all of us. We were very close, and I miss her everyday. I could not seem to get back into life. Things I loved lost my interest. I was lost.

Not too long after that, we had to put our nine year old dog DeeDee to sleep. Her organs were shutting down and letting her go was the best thing for her. Pets are like family. It was heartbreaking to watch her slowly slip away.

The year seemed to get better for a small amount of time. My brother got married; I started dating. But 2013 was not done throwing curve balls. In late August, my aunt contacted my dad. My aunt is not a nice person. She put my grandma in a nursing home far from us and would not allow us contact. She had power of attorney, so it was within her ability to do so. On the phone she told my dad that his mother passed away last month. Sadly, it was true. After some searching online, he found the obituary. My grandmother, my last living grandparent, had passed. I didn't get to attend her funeral or have a proper goodbye. My aunt denied us that. As you can imagine, I've been deeply grieving. This year has been hard on me and the rest of my family.

So things have taken a back seat to my feelings. I've neglected my blog. I'm going to make a serious effect to get back into the swing of posting. I think it will help. I've got a pile of things to review and so many new polishes to share.


  1. Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about all of your losses this past year! Welcome back to blogging! I can't wait to read your new posts! :)

  2. I am so sorry to hear that Ashley.. Prayers and thoughts going out to you and hope you will feel better soon.

    Still here and waiting to see u back in action again.
    Take good care


  3. I'm still here. I'm still gonna be here no matter what. So sorry for your loss. I have lost both my grandmas so I know how you feel. My condolences.