Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nail Mail! Essence Twins and Dahlia Polishes

I love getting packages in the mail. Especially what I got today. I won Traci's 1200 Follower Giveaway. The prize was the Essence Twins Bella and Edward. I was literally over the Moon when I got the email saying I won. I've been looking all over for them. You cannot get them in the US without paying outrageous shipping or finding someone in Europe to send them to you.

Traci sent them to me in pretty pink bubble wrap with equally cute tape. They arrived safely, thankfully.

Bella is the solid, while Edward is the glitter. Both are just gorgeous! Edward has tons of glitter. Some are squares. I've never seen square glitter in nail polish. Always round or hexagons. I cannot wait to try these out. I will either tonight or tomorrow. So expect my next post to be out them.

To Traci, thank you again!

Along with my Essence polishes, I got some Dahlia polishes. I had never heard of the brand before I saw them on Ebay. A little research later, and they looked to be like nice polishes.

The tops of the bottles are insanely long. I've never seen any that long. But I like the curved shape. Fits better to my hand. The left is Cantalope and the right is Orange. Both look to be very pretty polishes.

On a non-polish note, I wanted to share another thing I got in the mail today. Cute little crystal hearts for a bracelet I want to make.

I make and sell jewelry online. I absolutely love it. I will be trying my hand at nail polish jewelry in the near future. You can find all my jewelry here.


  1. OMG I just found your blog!!! I am following you!! <3 SO happy for you!

  2. PS: I LOOOOOOOOVE the YELLOW theme!!! <3

  3. Thank you! :) Yellow is one of my favorite colors, so bright and cheerful.