Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rock Star Mani

Polish-aholics Anonymous has Monday Nail Art every week. This week was rock star. I'm a little late getting mine done after being sick. I did it last night, but when I was done, I was ready for bed. So, the post is coming to you today. :)

I originally had a different idea in mind. Glitter, stars, silver, purple, black. But it fell through. Though while staring at my nails Monday an idea hit me. I decided to layer on top of my existing color so I wouldn't be so discouraged by being sick. The design came together very well and I love it much more than the design I originally had in mind.

For my base I used my existing layer of e.l.f. Sunset. I painted an extra coat to smooth out wear from the previous day, but if I were starting from scratch, I would only need two coats. I taped off diagonal tips and used two coats of Wet n Wild Silvivor. Then with my striping brush, I added a line with Sinful Colors Black on Black. On my accent finger I used my new rhinestones instead of the stripe. 

I love this design! Especially Silvivor. Its really metallic and so shiny. I know in the pictures my rhinestones look more like round half pearls. My top coat killed them. I'll know better than to use it next time with them. 

I am really excited about my rhinestones. I just got them in the mail Monday from an EBay seller in China. They only cost me 99 cents, free shipping. And they only took nine days to get to me (including weekends). I got 1500 of them in 12 different colors. I took pictures so you could see how pretty they were before my top coat came into play.

If anyone is interested in getting some like this, the selection is here. They come in 1000 x 4mm, 1200 x 2mm, and 1500 x 3mm. I got the 3mm. I will be buying more soon, considering the nice quality and great price.


  1. I adore the colors you chose. :)

  2. Thank you! I was in love with this design. Kept it on until I accidentally tore off the rhinestones moving boxes at work.