Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Secret Santa Gift

This year for Christmas, several members on Polish-aholics Anonymous took part in a Secret Santa gift exchange organized by the groups Admin, Krissi. She went above and beyond organizing it! I sent an international package to Kerrie in the UK (she's already gotten it, yay). Closer to the beginning of December, I received my Secret Santa gift all the way from Romania from Theodora. I was so excited! I love getting stuff in the mail anyway, but receiving a Christmas gift with surprises inside from Romania got me super excited. I was literally bouncing! :)

Everything except for the candy was wrapped up. Which I love. I got to concentrate on opening each thing.

Here is everything completely unwrapped. I got Nivea pomegranate lip balm, some yummy looking candies, Tenet Nail Decorations, a face mask, a beautiful bracelet that she made herself (I love love love it), and of course polishes.

From left to right: Essence Magic Wand!, Flormar U07, U18, U25, and an Alix Avien (they don't have names). I absolutely love Essence polishes and was beyond thrilled to receive a magnetic one. Before this, I did not own any. I had never heard of Flormar or Alix Avien, but they are gorgeous. 

Last but not least, I took some up close bottle shots today, so you can get a better idea of what each polish looks like.


  1. such pretty polishes! This is a great Secret Santa gift!

  2. WoW Nice secret santa! Love the polishes!

  3. Great polish's! I am now sad I didn't end up partaking in this!

  4. These are lovely, and what an awesome secret Santa gift!!! :D

  5. How funny is it that my Secret Santa went to her? =)

    Those Flormar polishes look really neat and I need the Essence magnetics! Nice gift!

  6. How fun! I am tagging you and will have a post about it tomorrow!

  7. @Kristal I love the Secret Santa exchange! I haven't worn the Flormar or Essence magnetic yet, but the swatches I did on my nail wheels are pretty.

    @Polish and Charms Thank you! :)