Saturday, December 24, 2011

Color Club Holiday Splendor & Finger Paints Red Crackle

Its almost Christmas! I will have a cute Christmas nail art mani to show you all tomorrow. :) For today, I have a simple red and green combination.

This is not my first attempt at layering a red crackle over Color Club Holiday Splendor. However, the last one was a bit of a failure. I think this one went somewhat better. I painted all of my nails with one coat of Holiday Splendor. I love how opaque and easy to apply this polish is! Then I layered Finger Paints Red Crackle over the index finger and thumb on my left hand and my pointer and pinky on my right hand. I wish it had showed up more red, but it does look so much better than the last crackle. I already want to layer it over pink for Valentine's Day. Also, it cracks really well. Love it!


  1. I love the green! The crackle cracked so well! I hate when the don't!

  2. Всем привет! помогите кто знает... ищу где можно купить утюжок для волос гофре, плойка для укладки волос и выпрямитель для волос гамма отзывы? я только начала управлять салоном красоты, надо найти оборудование, а я не знаю где это купить)