Monday, September 10, 2012

Brash Sergeant Khaki

I hope you are enjoying your Monday! I have a pretty green polish to show you today.

Brash Sergeant Khaki is a mossy green with silver flecks that almost appear gold at some angles. I do not own another polish like this one. Quite unique. The application was great and opaque in one coat. 

Brash retails for $3 at Payless.


  1. Payless like the shoe store Payless? I have never seen polish in the only one I get to (and it's a good hr drive)...I like this and the price is right. Great that it's opaque in 1 coat though I always put on 2 out of habit unless it's one that needs 3. This is a nice update to all the green golds that were Peridot dups.

    1. Yes, the shoe store. All the ones I have been to here have the line. I'm not sure if all of them carry them. They have some pretty colors.