Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fimo Canes!

Fimo polymer clay canes to be exact. I have been debating about buying some for a long time. I usual see thick slices as nail art. I cannot get 3D nail art to stay on very long at all. Rhinestones usually pop off within a day.

Someone on PAA mentioned purchasing cute fimo canes and again I wanted to purchase some. After a little trip to eBay, I found a bulk set of them. One week later, they arrived from China. I was so excited to see which ones I received. And to actually see a fimo cane in person. They are so cute!

Some of these are just down right adorable. Others I will forever stare at trying to figure out what they are supposed to be. But I cannot wait to practice slicing then do a manicure with some of these.

If anyone is interested, I got them from this store on eBay.

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