Friday, September 21, 2012

Butterfly Tattoo

I hope you are enjoying your Friday! I have attempted to use regular temporary tattoos as part of a manicure twice. The first time was a bit of mess. I tried cutting down a large tattoo to fit across all of my fingers. I had trouble lining it up well. It just did not work. I'm happy to say that the second attempt went much better. I used a smaller design and only did an accent finger.

I cut a blue butterfly temporary tattoo in half, one piece for each ring fingernail. I applied it exactly as you would to skin. Press the paper on, tattoo side down. Wet with water and hold for several seconds. It transferred very well. Top coat did not smudge or drag it at all. Removal was also very easy.

I love the look of it. Little bits of sparkle show through the blue. A temporary tattoo makes for a very easy design. Quick and simple.

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