Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Stamping

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday! Christmas is getting closer and closer. And the stress is getting worse and worse. But at least my nails are cute. :)

I used only three polishes for my base and stamping. Ulta The Jungle Look (green), Color Club Gingerbread Man (gold), and Love My Nails New Love (red). For my stamped images, I used BM-316 (gift with bow), BM-320 (ornament), BM-321 (tree), and BM14 (bells).


  1. I love love this stamping and this whole look of your mani, I was busy the whole of Dec due to paintwork n renovations and now with the new year coming >.< so sorry for the late comment but I love this <3 <3 I was like WOW when I was reading it on my emails :p

    1. Thank you!! :) No worries on the late comment (I'm late replying). December was a busy month for me too.