Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Green and Black Scroll

I hope you're enjoying your Wednesday! I am a little obsessed with my new Bundle Monster plates, so I did another mani with them.

I used Ulta Beach Bum as my base. It is a light green matte creme. The application was okay and took three coats to be smooth and opaque. For my stamping, I used Sinful Colors Black on Black and plate BM-314.

BM stamping plates are part of a 25 piece set (the 2012 one) that retails for $22 on Bundle Monster or their Amazon store. Beach Bum is part of a mini set Ulta put out last Summer, Toe-tally Matte.


  1. This looks really lovely, nicely done mani!

  2. Ohh very pretty :)Beach bum is a lovely colour too.

  3. Looks pretty. Some day....I keep thinking ULTA or other company that springs up like them, is going to come into my area of the state. Really when I am in the Los Angeles area for medical, even there in the area I am for treatment, it's 2 hrs in traffic and a lot of miles to get to the closest Ulta. So for those of you who have Ulta in your own neighborhoods, feel lucky!

  4. Thank you all! :)

    They are doubling the amount of Ultas in the US. Maybe you might get one near you soon.