Thursday, July 19, 2012

China Glaze Snow Globe

I hope you are enjoying your Thursday! I had little time to do this manicure. So instead of starting from scratch, I added glitter. Glitter makes everything better.

China Glaze Snow Globe is a clear base filled with iridescent glitter. It has the same appearance as flakies. Glitter, but lies very flat to the nail. Absolutely gorgeous! I want to layer this over everything. Here I have it over Funky Fingers Power Chord.

Snow Globe is part of the China Glaze Let It Snow Collection and retails for $3-6 various places online.


  1. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
    Material Fixations

  2. Glitter does make mani/pedis last longer. I had heard when this one came out it had been a hit on it's first release which I did not get a bottle of. So I picked up 3 bottles thinking it would go into hiding again. I did not find this all that much different than a lot of more milar loaded glitters in this shade are like. Seems last yr we really got the market flooded with a ton of glitters and they keep on coming. I kind of am looking forward to the 'next' thing in polish or return to great old cream formulas. Not sure what it is for me yet. Spotted is interesting, but not thinking that had the class I am thinking is the next big phase for polish land in my book. I do think this glitter looks a lot like you stuck your hand in a snow bank and pulled it out and this is what is left behind. Pretty. Like many, I just hate taking off glitter after I have it on.

    1. A lot of new creams are coming out in L'Oreal, and NYC color has some great inexpensive ones. O.P.I. still has some great non-shimmer creams, and Revlon does too. I agree that glitter is not the next thing (I'm still crazy for a great glitter) and I am pretty confident the next thing is matte colors. What do you think?

    2. I was not really interested in Snow Globe in the beginning honestly. I thought it was a little too chunky. I only grabbed it to complete a transaction at Sally's to reach a certain amount for a discount. That's why its taken so long for me to wear it.

      It seems like they are putting out more holos in the near future.