Sunday, July 1, 2012

Patriotic Stamping and Glitter

Its Stamping Sunday! And my first design for the Fourth of July. I'll admit, its a little bit of a fail, but not too bad. The theme for this week is dots and circles.

The stamping didn't transfer perfectly and smeared a little. Plus my glitter didn't disperse well. But unless you look up close (or with these macro shots), the design looks nice, so its not all bad. I started with a base coat of Pure Ice Super Star! as my white backdrop. Next I stamped on Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar and Color Club Cold Metal with plate BM19. For my accent nail, I used two coats of Love My Nails Glory. Its a slightly blue tinted base with red and blue string glitter plus silver stars. I love how unique it is, but wish it was less bumpy. Two coats of tc later and still bumpy. But its perfect for the upcoming holiday.

Love My Nails retail for $1 at Bari CosmeticsCold Metal is part of the Color Club Foiled Collection. It retails for $4-8. I purchased mine in a collection set of all six for $8 at Ross. Sinful Colors retail for $2 at Walgreens (online/in store) and Target (in store). They're also available for $2.50 at Cherry Culture. BM stamping plates are part of a 21 piece set that retails for $18 on Bundle Monster or their Amazon store. Pure Ice retails for $2 at Walmart and Bari Cosmetics