Friday, July 27, 2012

Sparkling Tips

I hope you are enjoying you're Friday! I seem to be solving all my polish related wear issues with glitter lately. I didn't have time to change my nails after wearing Zoya Skylar, so I did a glitter gradient to the tips. It freshened up the look and hid any tip wear. I wish I had decent pictures of right after it was done. I made the mistake of taking them in the kitchen. The lighting made my skin appear yellow and threw off polish color accuracy. I did not notice this until I had already taken my nails through a hard day. So the tip wear is very noticeable.

Despite the wear, I wanted to post them. It was such a sparkly combination. I literally got distracted by my own nails reflection in my laptop screen as I hit a key trying to wake it up from hibernation. 

Over Zoya Skylar, I did a quick glitter gradient with Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe. It is a clear base with light green and holo glitter. The light green complimented the steel blue Skylar rather well in person.

Skylar is part of the Zoya True Collection and retails for $8 on their website. Beyond the Mistletoe is part of the Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe Collection. It retails for $4-8. I purchased mine in a collection set of all six for $8 at Ross.