Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finger Paints Twisted

The Finger Paints Special Effects Collection had many of us watching the Sally's Beauty Supply nail aisle waiting for them to hit the shelves the first of January. My first visit I was only able to find Flecked and Asylum. Eventually, Motley joined my collection as well. But Twisted seemed to have disappeared from the display with no hope of restocking. It wasn't until this month that a very lovely woman from PAA named Karine offered to pick up bottles since a store near her was well stocked. Twisted was finally mine!

I'm sure most everyone has heard of or owns this collection by now, but if you haven't... The Special Effects Collection contains five flakie polishes. Twisted, Asylum, Flecked, Motley, and Flashy. All of them are just gorgeous! You may have noticed I only talked about owning four of the five. Flashy is a dupe for Essie Shine of the Times, so since I owned the latter, I saw no point in tracking down the other.

On to the pictures!

I did a bit of layering to give this the depth I wanted. I did a layer of L.A. Colors Nuclear Energy, Finger Paints Twisted, Nuclear Energy again, and Twisted again. Nuclear Energy is a sheer purple jelly, so it allows you to see the flakies that are suspended between polish layers. Both polishes apply very well. Twisted has a nice amount of flakies in one coat and they spread out evenly. It is my favorite out of the Special Effects Collection. There is literally every color of the rainbow packed into this polish.

L.A. Colors retail for around $1 and can be found at most Dollar stores. The polishes from Finger Paints Special Effects Collection, if found in store, will be at Sally's Beauty Supply and retail for $5.49 (less if you have a Sally's card). There are some for sale online from different sites if you look around.


  1. Gorgeous!! It looks beautiful over that divine purple jelly!! :D

  2. Wow I love this over purple!! Your blog is too cute, by the way!

  3. The polish combination is awesome...and so is your blog banner!