Sunday, February 26, 2012


Its Stamping Sunday! Over at Adventures in Stamping, this week's theme is 'Three Colors'. You can only use three colors including base coat and stamping polishes, no more, no less.

I decided on a nautical design of red, white, and blue. On my ring fingers, I did two coats of Essie Midnight Tango then stamped on an anchor using Sinful Colors Snow Me White and plate BM08. On the rest of my fingers, I did three thin coats of Snow Me White then stamped on stripes using Love My Nails New Love and plate BM20.

The lines are not perfect. Despite my nail beds being relatively small, the whole nail designs do not cover my entire nail. So I had to use a nail art brush to fill in the gaps. I still like this design though. In person, the stripes look fine. Macro pictures show every detail and flaw.

Sinful Colors retail for $2 at Walgreens (online/in store) and Target (in store). They're also available for $2.50 at Cherry Culture. Essie Midnight Tango is from the Mortia's Nails Collection and only seems to be available on in a set of three marked down to $7. Love My Nails retail for $1 at Bari Cosmetics.


  1. Awesome color combination! I love the nautical theme! I'm tempted to join Adventures in Stamping but I don't think I have enough practice yet... I only just got my first stamping plates this weekend!

    1. Thank you! You really ought to join! You don't have to be well practiced to join. I'm not. I do my best and learn from my mistakes.