Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mini Polish Haul

Today I discovered that Ross sells inexpensive sets of nail polish and that Ulta is the most amazing place for polish I've ever seen.

I came away with six polishes total today. Three from Ross, two from Ulta, and one from Walmart.

From left to right: e.l.f. Mod Mauve, Sunset, Plum, Essence Fairytale Once Upon a Time, Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Night Glow, and Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love.

I got the three e.l.f. polishes from Ross in a collection called Pretty Polish: The Purple Trio for only two dollars. Ross is definitely worth looking at for polish collections. The one near me had at least a dozen more for very reasonable prices.

This is my first Essence polish. Its a beautiful bright red with so much sparkle. Not to mention the bottle is adorable. The top has purple flowers with black butterflies. I found this one at Ulta in the clearance section for a dollar.

I noticed this polish for the bottle before I even realized it was glow in the dark. I love all things Halloween and horror. So the tombstone caught my eye. When I saw glow in the dark, I literally bounced in the store. I have never tried any of the Fantasy Makers collection, but I am a fan of Wet n Wild, so I'm very optimistic. I tried to get a picture of this bottle in the dark. Despite it being very visible to my eye, the camera would not pick up the glow.

Last but not least, I got a matte top coat from Hard Candy. I have never used a matte polish before, but I am very excited about trying it out.

By the way, within the next day or two, I will be posting my manicure for Teal Toes, in support of raising awareness for ovarian cancer. The idea is to paint our toes and/or fingers teal to help raise awareness in the month of September, since it will be ovarian cancer awareness month.


  1. That last bottle is so pretty! That red polish looks great too.

  2. I think so too! I love pretty polish bottles :)