Saturday, August 27, 2011

My First Julep Maven Package

I have been anxiously awaiting this package. And it finally came today. Which was a lovely surprise. It was estimated for delivery on the 30th. I love early packages!

I have not tried any of my goodies yet, but I'm so excited about trying them. I will try out the Facial for Hands Glycolic Hand Scrub tonight and talk about it in my next post. The polishes, however, will wait until next week. I have two nail designs I'm dying to attempt.

I took pictures of everything, so its like opening the box with me. It came in a nice black box sealed with the Julep symbol.

Once opened the first thing you see is a card saying "Welcome American Beauty". It lists out what my sneak peek box includes. And on the back talks about sharing the Maven Program with my friends.

Next there is a welcome letter. My favorite part is that my name is handwritten in and the CEO/Founder Jane signed her name. Its not some mass printed letter. Along with the letter is a sheet explaining all about being a Maven.

I spy a little bag! Its like going shopping. I love it! And upon pulling it out, I notice its tied with a pretty pink ribbon. What a nice touch!

Inside there is a box with my Glycolic Hand Scrub, my polishes wrapped in pink tissue paper, and two samples. The samples are a hand cream with SPF 30 and Facial for Hands Glycolic Hand Scrub. I will probably save the sample scrub for a polish swap or giveaway since I already have the regular sized bottle.

After unwrapping the pink tissue paper, I see my three polishes. From left to right: Julep Nail Therapy, Cameron, and Alfre. Nail Therapy is supposed to keep nails strong, healthy and nourished. It contains Vitamin E and can be used alone or as a basecoat. Cameron is a beautiful pink. I can tell just from the bottle that I will love it! And last, but not least, Alfre. Its a brand new polish, not yet released from their Fall '11 collection. In the bottle it looks like an almost metallic purple/gray. I'm not a big fan of the gray shades, but I saw a swatch of Alfre on another blog, and I think I'll love it for Fall.

I am so excited about my first Julep Maven package. I cannot believe all the stuff I received. Each month is supposed to be $40 worth of products for only $20. I got this package for $5, and the card says the retail value is $76. Its an amazing value!

For anyone wondering about the Maven Program by Julep, I did a previous post about it after I placed my order. You can find it here. If you would like to go directly to the Julep website, please click here. Julep runs an amazing offer that for every person that signs up through my link, I get something toward my next purchase.


  1. So fun! i'm hoping mine arrives today, I'm an "it girl!"

  2. I saw the "It Girl" one on someone's blog (cannot remember off the top of my head). Very pretty colors!

    I know a lot of people were receiving the hand scrub in their first box. If you do get it, you'll love it! I tried it last night. In love with it.