Friday, August 26, 2011

Palest Mauve - A Lovely Pink

Sometimes I can keep a manicure for days. Other times, I want to change it everyday. Wednesday I used Vintage Dream (my first franken) and by the next day, I was wanting a different color. I love the polish, just needed change.

So last night, I sat down to wipe off the old and paint on some new. I could not part with my flower design just yet, so I kept it and decided to go with a color from the design. I chose the main flower color, Love My Nails Palest Mauve. Its a lovely shade of pink, think dusty rose.

Artificial Light, No Flash

Artificial Light, Flash 

I still have little bumps on my nails. Which I'm beginning to highly suspect is from my top coat. The bubbles were not there with just the pink polish alone. So either I misjudged and placed the top coat on too soon, or its bubble prone. I plan to buy a new clear polish tomorrow. Even if the problem isn't the top coat, I can always use more bottles.

By the way, I do not know how many people own Love My Nails polishes, but I would highly recommend them, especially if you're on a polish budget. I own eight of them and love each one of them. They are super cheap. I buy mine at Walmart for a dollar. And you can get chrome and duo-chrome ones for two dollars. They have a large selection of colors, more than any other inexpensive polish I've seen.

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