Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sparkle Mani

Friday was my birthday and I did an eye catching design on my fingers. The tips were completely covered in glitter. Tons of sparkle! Next time I will know to use smaller glitter, but I still loved the design.

Natural Light No Flash

You can see at least a little bit of how it reflects light. I loved it! And it did not catch as much as you would think.

The application was easy, just took a little time. I did each nail one at a time. I painted the white of my nail with clear polish then dipped it in the glitter. Tap off the excess. Make sure none of the pieces stick out past the nail. Then put a clear coat over the entire nail. Pretty easy. Just took some time for the tips to dry.

I took this design off last night. It wasn't hard to remove either.

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