Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three New Additions to my Stash

I got some new polish today! I've never tried L.A. Colors, but I have heard its great inexpensive polish. Family Dollar is having a sale on it. Its on sale for $1 (though most stores already have it for a dollar) and with a coupon from their website, if you buy two polishes, you get one for a penny. Three bottles of polish for a little over two dollars is amazing.

I, of course, got three. They had some really pretty shades. A lot of reds, pinks, purples, blues, and gray/black shades (at least at my store). I have so many shades of red and pink that I was leaning more toward purple and blue. I ended up getting a very pretty shade of turquoise and two glitters.

Artificial Light, No Flash

Artificial Light, Flash

Both pictures are pretty accurate as to how the polishes look in person in the bottle. Though oddly enough, without a flash you see the glitter better. From left to right they are: Sea Siren, Sassy Sparkle, and Treasure Island.

Sassy Sparkle (middle) is a very pretty glitter. You cannot tell in the picture but it is a holo. Mostly orange and green tones, but still very pretty.

I cannot wait to try each of them out! I've been dying for some new shades.

On a non-polish note, I got more than just the polish today for amazing prices. I managed to get Halloween shapes for earrings (I make and sell jewelry), Nutella, an enormous bag of chips, pretty bangles from India, castor oil, and canola oil all for a little less than $10! The Halloween shapes were super inexpensive on sale. The Nutella, chips, and bangles I got all from World Market. They sent me a coupon for $10 off as a birthday gift, plus my normal discount for being a member. Cost me 81 cents including tax after my coupon. The bangles are so pretty! The castor oil and canola oil is for a face cleansing thing I'm trying called OCM (Oil Cleansing Method). Its supposed to work wonders. I'll let y'all know. I know the blog is all about polish, but a little beauty tip thrown in later won't hurt.


  1. awesome!! i love using this brand for frankening :}

  2. I'm excited about trying them out. If I like the brand, I'll be sure to buy more. You cannot beat getting polish for a dollar.