Monday, October 3, 2011

Blue Monday, Breast Cancer Pink, & Black Crackle

I've got a lot to talk about tonight. First off, this week's theme for Monday on PAA was Blue. Any design as long as all the polishes were blue. I decided to do a french manicure, replacing the white with medium blue and the pink with a shimmering light blue. It did not turn out as I wanted however. My index tip is too flat and goes down too far. I'll be painting my fingers something different tomorrow.

I used one coat of Pure Ice Splash first so my pink alternative would be a bit more opaque.

Then I free handed the tips with Wet n Wild Saved by the Blue. Next time (if I do this again) I will use my little guides. I'm usually not this bad at free handing.

Finally another coat of Splash. I used my new top coat Orly Sec N Dry on top. It really did dry it super fast.

I also painted my toes today. I finally took teal off my toes; they were teal for all of September as part of Teal Toes to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer. Continuing with that theme, I decided to paint my toes pink for October since its Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I'm not going to torture you with a picture of my toes, so I did a swatch on my nail wheel of what I did.

Neither is quite color accurate. Its baby pink with glitter. I used a Bon Bons in light pink then Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter on top. Its very cute.

Last but not least, I finally received my order from Fabulous Nails. I ordered a bottle of their crackle a month ago and got it free from They give you $10 toward a purchase when you sign up. Normally the polish is $15, but they had it for $7. 

I've never owned a crackle before. Its a nice effect, but just not my thing on a regular basis. However, I really wanted some for Halloween. When I received this package in the mail, I immediately swatched it on my nail wheel. It has a great application, consistency, and cracked perfectly.

Its Fabulous Nails Midnight Black Crackle. The bottom left of the nail is where the polish was thinnest and the rest was thick. So the thicker you paint, the wider the cracks are. I personally would not pay $15, but it is an amazing formula.


  1. I like the bigger cracks alot more then the smaller ones.

  2. I like the bigger cracks as well. Shows more of the polish underneath.