Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Funky Fingers Sand and Stilettos

I got my very first Funky Fingers yesterday. I was so excited to try it. So tonight, I sat down to do just that. It is amazing! Sand and Stilettos is packed full of holo glitter. Basically a glitter bomb. It was opaque in two coats and has so much bling.

The first and third are blurred a little so you can see all the colors. The last is with a flash. I am in love with this polish! Its has so much sparkle! I have never had so much glitter on my fingers before.

I also got some more nail mail today and made a trip to Sally's Beauty Supply. My mother wanted the hand scrub that came with my Julep Maven Intro Box and since it was cheaper to order the box instead of the scrub, she became a Maven. I got the rest of the goodies though since she's not into polish at all. I received Olivia, Miranda, and Essential Cuticle Oil. I smiled when I saw the cuticle oil. I got their nail therapy base coat in my intro box, so getting the cuticle was a lovely surprise. I used it before my Funky Fingers mani and it is amazing.

I also got some rhinestones from an Ebay seller from China. Same one as before. I ordered another set of 3mm and two sets of 2mm ones. I love them!

From top to bottom the bottles are Essential Cuticle Oil, Miranda, and Olivia. I also took an up close of the 2mm rhinestones, since I've already posted about the 3mm ones.

At Sally's Beauty Supply, I grabbed the biggest bottle of acetone I've ever seen and some polish thinner. If you need any polish remover, Beauty Secrets has all their 32 ounce polish remover on sale for $4.99.


  1. That Funky Finger polish is gorgeous!! I love holo glitters!

  2. I've never had so much glitter on my fingers as I did with that one. I love it! I kept it on for three days until it chipped. And I'm very hard on my nails, so three days with no chips is unbelievable.

  3. I want that Funky Fingers its just beautiful. Wow.

  4. I got mine from a blogsale. No one sells Funky Fingers near me. I know 5Below sells them, if you have one near you.