Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cracked Silver Over Amethyst Atelier & Nail Mail

My attempt at a Halloween design was an epic fail (maybe tonight just wasn't my night for art), so I started over and went simple. Salon Perfect Cracked Silver on top of Finger Paints Amethyst Atelier. I love this color combination. Indoors Amethyst Atelier sometimes appears black, but I assure you, sunlight makes the purple shine through. However, I work during pretty much all sunny hours, so a picture is not available right now of this gorgeous purple basking in sunlight.

The last picture is with a flash and the purple is not color accurate, but I know on some screen resolutions the polish appears black, so I wanted to show that it is indeed purple. Amethyst Atelier is a lovely dark grape color.

Today, I got some lovely polishes from Sarah that I met over PAA on Facebook. I have been anxiously awaiting them. Literally bounced at the mailbox when I saw them.

This is my very first Funky Fingers! I am super excited to give it a try. This one is Sand and Stilettos. A gorgeous holo. I am unsure if this is actually a holo or just crammed with holo glitter, but either way, it looks amazing in the bottle. Also, Funky Fingers bottle shape is so cute and unique!

The name of this polish definitely fits. Essence Hello Holo. As before, I'm wavering between holo and holo glitter (especially since its labeled as a 'topper'), but I'll know when I swatch it.

Last but not least is NOX Twilight Disco Darling. Another holo. I went a little crazy. I am unsure what Disco has to do with Twilight, but I guess they can name it whatever they want. My silver, holo, and Twilight loving heart could not pass this baby up.

All three appear to have some similarities at first, but trust me, they are all different enough to warrant owning more than just one. I cannot wait to try them out, especially Sand and Stilettos & Disco Darling. The swatches I've seen online are just gorgeous!


  1. The crackle nails are awesome! And I love your nail mail!

  2. Thank you both! I loved the crackle! It was exactly what I wanted. I painted my nails with Funky Finger Sand and Stilettos. I'm totally in love with it!