Thursday, October 6, 2011

China Glaze He's Going in Circles

Holy Holo! This is my very first holographic polish. I'm in love! Its a rainbow of colors packed into one bottle. The application was amazing and dried fast. I applied three coats. I'm sure I could have gotten away with two, but three worked well for me. And it dried so fast that putting on three coats was not a hassle at all.

I noticed a difference once I put a topcoat on, but I'm so hard on my nails at work that I need a topcoat. However, it is still gorgeous. And for all I know, I'm just imagining the difference.

These first two are taken without a topcoat on all of my fingers except my thumb. Not much a difference really, I suppose.

The last one is from yesterday. The flash shows more of the colors. Its a gorgeous polish! Very light green, almost silver. If you do not own a holo polish, you must find one. I got mine from a blogsale on Pretty and Polished by Chelsea.

What do y'all think of holo polishes?