Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Color Club, Nail Mail & Passing the 100 Mark

I got a small collection of amazing little bottles and such today. I stopped by Ross in search of some Color Club. I have only gone polish hunting there once but did not see any CC last time. However, this time, I got lucky. I found one set of Color Club Back to Boho. Apparently if you buy the sets, Back to Boho comes in two sets. I got the second set, which are darker colors.

Left to right: Boho Mojo, Nouveau, Voodoo You do, Artsy Crafty Blue Topia, Rebel Spirit, and Topcoat. Its hard to tell from most of the bottles what color they are until you open them. From left to right, I would label them as: silver, copper/gold, gray/blue, military green, deep blue, and brown. I promise to have them swatched on nail wheels soon.

I also got some nail mail today from Chelsea from Pretty & Polished. China Glaze He's Going in Circles. It is my very first actual holo. :) So gorgeous in the bottle! She still has some for sale on her blog, as well as others. Don't be shy about ordering if you're interested. She is super sweet!

Little bit of a random note, though still polish related in a way. I know I'm probably the only person who stores their polish in decorative boxes rather than plastic containers, melmers, racks, and such. I'd like to eventually get a cabinet just for them, but I love the boxes. You'd never guess I was storing polish in there. Today, after Ross, I went to Michaels and picked up another box because my stash was too crammed. I thought someone might be interested, so I took pictures.

The Eiffel Tower is my newest one. Such a pretty way to store my little obsession and pretty inexpensive too. I got both on sale for around eight dollars each. While at Michaels I spotted the breast cancer awareness section and just had to grab what I saw.

Pink ribbon nail tattoos! I do not personally know anyone who has had breast cancer, but as a woman it is very important to me to spread awareness. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I had to pick up some of these to go with my other awareness items. If anyone is interested in them, they were only two dollars and you get enough to do several manis.

Last but not least, I passed the 100 polish mark today after buying Color Club and getting my nail mail. Triple digits. WOW!


  1. Storing polish in decorative boxes is a neat idea. I'm assuming you evaluate each box for structural integrity before purchasing - do you find most to be suitable? Do you have a box for each brand?

  2. What an awesome haul! I would have never thought of using those boxes...My michaels had the breast cancer awareness display but no nail decals :( I will go look again though. I have to start looking at Ross for polish!

  3. @KB I do make sure they are sturdy and well put together. All the ones I've seen at Michaels would be suitable to hold the weight of polish bottles. I have two boxes currently, but trust me, they are enormous. One houses my polishes, while the other has supplies. I eventually would like to get a cabinet with small rows on each shelf for my polish, but I like my boxes for now.

    @Polish and Charms Thank you! I wanted something pretty to house my polish in and came across the boxes at Michaels awhile back when I bought the first one. The breast cancer awareness display at my Michaels was pretty picked over, but they did have some stuff left. And yes, Ross is good for sets. I got an e.l.f. set last time I was there. They have some pretty ones. You just have to sift through the entire rack if its set up like mine is. Its like a treasure hunt.