Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Frankenstein Nails

This is my second Halloween themed manicure of October! :) The color combination instantly made me think of Frankenstein, though it may just be me.

First I used three coats of Sinful Colors Irish Green. As you can see, even after three coats, it is still very sheer. If I was wearing it alone, I would use a base coat of white first.

I layered on a thick coat of Fabulous Nails Midnight Black Crackle. I painted it on quickly since it dries and cracks fast. But the coat doesn't have to be perfect. The crackle effect allows flaws to blend in.

I love this look so much! I will definitely be pairing my crackle with other polishes for more Halloween manis. :)


  1. That really turned out good!The green just pops.

  2. Love the crackle design! And the green is really pretty too.

  3. @Nail Reflections Thank you! It really does pop right off. I'm glad you think so as well.

    @Polish and Charms Thanks! :)

    @Ashley Marie I've fallen for the crackle.