Sunday, May 20, 2012

Galaxy Nails with Stamping

I hope you're enjoying your Sunday! Its Sunday Stamping again. This week is "The Sky's the Limit."

Over my galaxy design (which you can see plain here), I stamped a star and planet with Sinful Colors Snow Me White along with plate BM05 and N.Nail m39.

N.Nail Stamping Plates retail for $5.05 on KCenterKH. Plate m39 is item number SPPMM39BM stamping plates are part of a 21 piece set that retails for $18 on Bundle Monster or their Amazon store.


  1. I gotta say, these have to be the best galaxy nails I've seen.

    And I've done my research on galaxy nails lol

    1. Thank you so much! I honestly sat here speechless for a moment.

    2. aw! well i'm bein honest. I need some more practice on mine, but I like how you made your "stars" small. sometimes people can make them in larger dots and I feel it's too overpowering..

    3. I don't really like the big dots either. I used a tiny dotting tool that came with my brush set.

  2. New follower :) Love these :)