Monday, May 21, 2012

New Essence Collection & Born Pretty Stamping Plate

Another haul post! :) Just a small one this time. 

Essence Like Leo's Pilot Jacket, I Wear My Flying Goggles at Night,  
No Better Way to Sky, & I Am A Viator

Plate m71 from Born Pretty

I noticed Ulta had a brand new display with the Limited Edition Essence Legends of the Sky Collection. Nouveau Cheap has a great post about the entire display, if you're interested. It seems that the U.S. displays only have four of the six polishes from the collection.

I literally gasped when I saw the display and was so happy to get all four. I was honestly a little iffy about the shades, but I could not pass up a LE Essence collection. I have a post planned for Wednesday with these lovely polishes, and trust me, they are worth owning.

On to the stamping plate. Born Pretty has been running a promotion for a very long time that offers a free Hello Kitty stamping plate to ten people per day. You do not even have to place an order for anything else. The plate can be found here, along with instructions on how to receive it for free. It does take some time to arrive. I ordered mine on April 9th. It shipped the next day and arrived today. The shipping is free from Hong Kong, so the time is not surprising.


  1. I can't wait to see these swatched! I've seen them at Fred Meyer/Kroger and been awfully curious. I absolutely love the aviator theme.

    1. They are absolutely worth getting. I did the swatch post yesterday.