Friday, May 11, 2012

Julep Helena

I hope you're enjoying your Friday! I have a polish to show you that I've intended to wear for a long time. I wore it awhile ago on my toes and loved it.

Julep Helena is an ultra-saturated fuchsia creme. The color is insanely vibrant and opaque in two coats. The application is very good.

Julep retails for $14 at Julep and Sephora.


  1. I'm so on the fence about julep

    first off every time I try to get the julep maven for a penny deal, it doesn't accept my card...which is strange...I'm not rollin in dough, but I have a penny for sure!

    and also the bottles seem weird to me, like you would have to hold it the whole time you're painting your nails.

    The colors look very awesome though

    1. The polishes are great. Though not $14 great, especially for the size. The bottles are surprisingly sturdy.

      Honestly, I will be canceling my Maven subscription as soon as they refund me. I signed up when the program started. Last month, they were having technical issues. Due to those technical issues, I got charged and shipped the May box, even though I skipped the month. They will refund me, but since I cannot find my email confirming the skip, I'm only getting $15 back because they are charging me a $5 restocking fee. I'm basically paying $5 for their technical issues. So I'm canceling.