Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Polish Haul and Nail Mail

I have not posted a haul or nail mail (aside from my surprise swaps) in months. I wasn't sure people liked seeing my purchases. However, I decided to start up again. Hopefully someone likes seeing them. :)

Color Club Blossoming Collection

Blushing Rose, Sweetpea, Lavendarling, Blue-ming, Hydrangea Kiss
& Diamond Drops

Ulta Pinata-Yada-Yada (3), Lav-ish & Maine Attraction

OPI Houston We Have a Purple, Lincoln Park After Park
& Essie Pink-a-boo

Zoya Zuza, Skylar & Bijou

Nabi Cute Punky, Spoiled by Wet n Wild Pet My Peacock
& Maybelline Twilight Rays

Its an interesting variety of polishes, I know. I finally have the CC Blossoming Collection. My mom found it at Burlington and was sweet enough to purchase it for me. I got all of the Ulta on sale. The glitters were clearanced to $2 and the others were 2 for $4, so I ended up getting them all for $2 each. The OPIs, Essie, and Zoyas are all from a Bloom.com order. Does anyone remember the $5 for $40 vouchers? I finally used mine. The Nabi and Spoiled were purchased from Copious and the Maybelline was a Walmart find.


  1. Beautiful Polishes Hun:)
    Sara xx http://beautifulworldoflennynb.blogspot.ca/

  2. I like seeing them, and finding out which ones you really like. Do you like the Color Club polishes?

    1. I love Color Club! I did a skittle mani with this set last week. I own four sets total plus five more polishes from Color Club. The application on them is amazing.