Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cat's Eyes

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday!

Cat's Eyes designs are everywhere! And I love it! For mine, I followed a tutorial by Kayla Shevonne. I used Beauty UK Black, Pure Ice Wild Thing, Wet n Wild The Gold and the Beautiful, and white acrylic paint. It is a very easy look to achieve, especially following Kayla's tutorial.


  1. i remember the cartoon cat's eye,, your nails look great!

  2. Came out really good - thought at first it was Kayla's! I have got to try this and only a few days left to do it if it's going to happen this yr. Never expected my OPI Tomorrow Never Dies with gold flakie Man with Golden Gun topper ever to last on and on and on since Last Monday like it has! But it's going to go today as I need a Halloween mani and my pedi is goners. With the $ on the flakie topper I was thrilled to get that long of wear out of it.