Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Born Pretty Store Dried Flowers Manicure and Review

I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday! I was contacted by Daisy from the Born Pretty Store to review a product for them. I chose the dried flowers. I have been dying to try dried flowers in a manicure for a long time.

Each order contains twelve different flowers, each in small plastic containers. The quantities vary slightly; however, there should be at least five of the small flowers and two of the large cluster flowers. Plenty to do more than one manicure.

I decided on pairing the large yellow cluster flower with Finger Paints Where Art Renoir?. The yellow really pops against the black backdrop. The flowers are very easy to apply, much easier than I expected. They are also sturdier than I anticipated, so I had no issues with crumbling.

I went with accent fingers since this was my first experience with dried flowers. After painting my nails and letting them dry, I used tweezers to pick up one of the flowers. It was large enough to use for two fingers, so I carefully cut it in half through the middle. Each half stayed intact. I painted on a thin coat of clear polish before placing a flower half on my nail. They were easy to press down. I let it set for a minute before adding one coat of top coat. Once that was completely dry, I added another coat to make it smoother.

Application was easy and the flowers stay on very well after top coat. I took a shower, washed my hands several times, and went to work without them budging at all. If you love dried flowers or want to try them, you will definitely enjoy using these.

Dried Flowers (Item ID: 129) retail for $6.08 at Born Pretty Store, and they offer free shipping worldwide.

Daisy even gave me a code to share with all of you for 5% off your purchase. AHL91

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  1. I like it. I would love to do a white mani with lavender or purple flowers.