Wednesday, March 14, 2012

KKCenterKH Nail Water Decals Review

Awhile back Maggie from KKCenterHK approached about doing a review of their products, offering nail water decals. I happily agreed after looking at their selection of decals. There are hundreds of pretty ones to choose from. I decided on these beautiful butterfly decals.

They are even more beautiful in person! I have never used water decals, but the steps are easy to follow.

*Cut out each piece you want to use.
*Place them in a bowl of water for roughly 10 minutes.
*With tweezers, carefully remove each piece from the water.
*Slide each decal off and place on desired nail.

Everyone works a little differently, so I would do what works best for you. I placed each piece in water before starting to take off my old polish. By the time I was done painting my nails a base of yellow, the decals were ready to use. Make sure you place these in the water decal side up. I learned that the hard way. Do not worry though. If the piece goes upside down and sinks to the bottom, you can still pick the image off the bottom of the bowl without damaging it. I did not use tweezers. I got the decal on my finger and gently placed it on my nail. As long as the decal is wet, it will not stick to your finger and you will be able to reposition if necessary once on the nail.

Once you have the decal where you want and it is dry, you can place on your favorite top coat to seal it in. The whole process is very easy, even if you are applying them for the first time like me.

This is the finished look. They look painted on. You see no visible outline, unlike most decals. And they lay completely flat. I absolutely love these and plan to purchase several designs. You can find all of the water decals here. They are split into categories to make browsing easy.

Nail water decals designs retail for $2.64 a sheet on KKCenterKH. They also carry full nail water decals for $8 and DIY nail water decals (that can be cut to fit your nails) for $2.64. These particular decals that I'm wearing are item number WDBLE1395.

Maggie was nice enough to give me a unique coupon code for all of you. Just enter coupon code followtheyellowpolishroad to get 10% off through January 31, 2013.

Disclosure: The product in this post were provided to me for consideration. All opinions are mine and honest.