Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Look by BIPA Metallic Matt

Its the middle of the week! I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday! I have a pretty holo polish to show you today.

I love holo! Look by BIPA Metallic Matt is a gorgeous silver linear holo. It was opaque in two thin coats. The holo effect is hard to capture, but you can see the rainbow of colors. For this polish, a top coat does not dim the holo effect at all. The application was great and very shiny without top coat. Makes me wonder where they got the matt part from.

This polish was a gift, but from what I understand, the Look by BIPA Special Effect polishes are limited edition and retailed for € 1.99. The brand can be found on BIPA. If anyone knows where these are sold and if they are still available, please let me know.


  1. You must have been swapping with an Austrian! They weren't available anywhere but here. Unfortunately, they were LE!