Friday, March 9, 2012

My Stash - Bon Bons, Bootie Babe, Brash, Catrice & Claire’s

Another installment of my stash! Week two, actually. I'm trying to do one at least once a week. This week you will see Bon Bons, Bootie Babe, Brash, Catrice, and Claire's.

All in rows

Bon Bons 1060 & 1077

Bootie Babe Hella Baloo, Mean Tangerine, & Electric Lemon

Brash Sergeant Khaki & Totally Teal

Catrice Iron Mermaiden & Dirty Berry

Claire's Evil Queen, Midnight, Rose Petal, Beachy Keen, & I Luv the 80s

I love all of these! Granted I have not worn all of them, but they are all on my nail wheels. The Bootie Babe and Catrice polishes are must haves. The two multicolored Claire's are an interesting idea. You only get one color on the nail though. I'm just hoping they don't blend and end up brown eventually.

Clicking the linked polish names will send you to a post containing a swatch of it.


  1. Those Claire's multicolored polishes look interesting!

  2. The Bootie Babe bottles are cracking me up... nice haul!