Thursday, June 21, 2012

China Glaze Sun Worshiper

I hope you're enjoying your Thursday! Today I have an incredibly neon polish to show you today.

Looks like two completely different polishes, I know. China Glaze Sun Worshiper is an orange tinted cantaloupe neon. The neon finish was incredibly hard to capture. The second picture is the best I could do. And its after a day of work. Trust me, this polish is eye catching. My brother did a double take at my hands and exclaimed, "Damn that's bright!"

This is one coat of white and two thin coats of Sun Worshiper. Most neons really pop if layered over white. Plus they reach opacity quicker.

China Glaze retails for $5-10 a bottle at Sally Beauty Supply, Ulta, and various other stores/sites.


  1. Replies
    1. How did I forget that? I should type while tired. One coat of white and two thin coats of Sun Worshiper. I'm going to edit to add that. :)

  2. This looks really great, and I'm not a huge fan of yellows only having two in my stash..but this is very different and definitely sun-like=]

    1. Thank you! I adore yellow. This one is definitely different.