Friday, June 29, 2012

Rainbow Favorites Day 6 - Purple

I hope you're enjoying your Friday! Today's color for the rainbow challenge is purple. I honestly thought I would have a large amount of trouble picking one. Especially considering I have over seventy purples. But I found myself underwhelmed while looking at my purple nail wheels. Maybe I was having a blah day because I love purple. I only found two that I wanted to consider as a favorite. Catrice Dirty Berry and Zoya Nova. I love the former, but I had not tried the latter and wanted to see it on my nails.

Zoya Nova is a fuchsia purple jelly with dark and light pink glitter. The application is great. I used two coats. From browsing other blogs, it seems most used three coats and got a very opaque glitter packed appearance. I guess I'm digging the jellies lately because I was happy with two coats. In person, I have no visible nail line.

I wouldn't say this is my favorite purple ever, but it is certainly my favorite this week. :)