Friday, June 22, 2012

New Essence Haul

I have some fun new things to show you today. Ulta is getting some new products from Essence. I am unsure when they will hit the shelves. I imagine within the next week or so. I work there, so while stocking this morning, I discovered them and could not contain my excitement. I was lucky enough to get to purchase them today. :)

None of these are completely brand new. Essence usually puts things out in Europe before they make it across the pond into our stores. The Colour & Go polishes I purchased are re-releases, which I happen to love. There is nothing better than bringing back something you thought was gone forever. The rest of the beauties hitting Ulta seem to be goodies that Europe got last Spring. I saw magnetic polishes, limited edition polishes, nail art tattoos, eyeliner, and few other things.

I grabbed up three Colour & Go polishes and the two sets of nail tattoos. I will probably get more later, but these were my must haves. Onto the pictures!

Absolutely Stylish, Enchanted Fairy, & A Lovely Secret

All About Me & Friends Forever

I love Colour & Go polishes! I normally avoid minis because I feel I don't get very many manis out of them, but that's not the case with these. And you cannot beat the one dollar price tag. Absolutely Stylish is a brown creme with what looks like pink, blue, and green micro flakies. Enchanted Fairy is a dusty light pink with subtle shimmer. A Lovely Secret is a lavender creme with purple shimmer. My descriptions might be off a little. Appearance in the bottle can vary from on the nail.

The nail art tattoos look adorable. Holographic butterflies/stars and spring flowers. The reviews for these look great. I cannot wait to try them.

Is anyone else is excited about these as I am? A Lovely Secret was on my wishlist and I am so happy to be able to take it off.

Update (6/24): Apparently Ulta is getting these just to go straight to clearance. Very odd. The prices are great, but this means the stock will be small. I'm rather disappointed. There are still new Colour & Go polishes though.

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  1. oh man this excites me about a lovely secret!!!!! thank you for sharing this amazing news!