Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rainbow Favorites Day 3 - Yellow

I hope you're enjoying your Tuesday! I have another part of the rainbow challenge to share with you. Just like the last two days, I debated over two polishes before I chose one. Its hard to pick just one.

Finger Paints Psychedelic Sunshine is a yellow jelly packed full of holo micro glitter. Its rather sheer, even for a jelly. Normally I would use a matching base coat, but decided to just wear it alone this time. If you want to see what it looks like with a yellow base coat, you can check out my original post here. The application is good, once thinned a little. What you see above is two coats. 

Psychedelic Sunshine is from Finger Paints Summer 2011 Peace, Love and Color Collection. It is not available at Sally Beauty Supply anymore, so if you love yellow and are lucky enough to see a bottle, snag this beauty.

If you want to see what other polishes the other lovely bloggers are choosing, check them out. :)


  1. I love the sparkle in this, I don't have any yellow polish but this is tempting me x :-)

    1. Buy yellow! I don't have a ton; maybe a dozen. But I love the pastel, bright, neon, and sparkle of them.

  2. Ashley, you're killing me with these gorgeous jellies! Yes, I said gorgeous in reltion to a yellow polish. See how you are? ;)

  3. This really is a gorgeous yellow!!

  4. this is so pretty!
    i love the glitters. im pretty sure that this would look fab under the scorching heat of the sun!haha!

  5. Too sheer for my taste, too. I have something similar by Kiko that I haven't used yet not that I think of it. I wonder how it would look over black!

  6. I am loving this jelly - I find yellow, like many, hard to wear, but this one has enough gold in it, I could pull this off. Kind of reminds me of the same hue as CG Lighthouse.

  7. Love this polish! I can't wait to layer it soon; I am so glad I got it in a surprise package recently

  8. Thank you all! @~tHiAmErE~ It is gorgeous in the sun! @Simona I would normally use a yellow base coat, but I'm partial to the jelly finish lately. I should try it over black. @Emma I got mine as a surprise as well. :)