Monday, January 7, 2013

Blue Dusted Marshmallow

I hope you are enjoying your Monday! Today I have a little experimentation with pigment to show you. I finally bought Essie Marshmallow about a month ago and wanted to do something fun with it. Initially I thought about a glitter sandwich, but wanted something different. By now most of you have probably seen this tutorial floating around Pinterest where you place pigment at the cuticle, blow, and have gradient nails. Epic fail for my attempt. Perhaps a different pigment. But I loved the color combination, so I sprinkled the pigment on top then blew off the excess. To me, it's delicate and wintery. 

I started off with one coat of Essie Marshmallow. I added the second coat one nail at a time then sprinkled the blue pigment (after the gradient failed). The pigment is an ancient long discontinued shimmer powder from ICING by Claire's. It was part of their Attitudes line. I've literally had the powder for a decade. I have seen many pigments that look very close, a light slightly turquoise blue.


  1. you know, i stare at Marshmallow on a monthly basis, whether it be at Walgreens or Target or CVS and one day it WILL be mine!

    1. I would stare at it at Ulta every time I was in front of the display. Finally I caved.