Tuesday, January 29, 2013

American Apparel Nebula

I hope you are enjoying your Tuesday! I tried looking up swatches of this particular polish before I purchased it. Could not find any. Looked again yesterday to see if anyone wore it alone to see if it could eventually be opaque, still no swatches. Can I really be the first to post about this beauty? How is that possible?

American Apparel Nebula is a clear base filled with small multicolor hex glitter. The colors include silver, yellow, orange, blue, red, green, purple, pastel turquoise, and pale pink. Very colorful and really pops over the black base. The application is perfection. The glitter spreads out nicely and covers evenly. I used one coat over two coats of black polish. Definitely a must have if you love glitter!


  1. OMG!!! THis nail color is so pretty. Love the color combos and glitters on it. I find it classy and elegant. This is perfect for any occasion.

    1. Thank you! I absolute love it. I cannot believe its not a wider known polish.