Sunday, November 20, 2011

One Month of Polish Shopping

I have not posted any of my polish buys in a month. And a lot has accumulated. Too much to do up close shots, without there being dozens of pictures. So I just did a few basic group shots. If anyone wants to see a better bottle shot of anything, let me know. :)

Wet n Wild Lust, Nocturnal, Glitz, Morbid, Rustic, Lust, Poshe Nail Strengthening Base Coat, Super Fast Drying Top Coat, Orly Androgynie, American Classics Gelous, OPI Give Me a Coral Sometime, Mermaid Tears, Rainbow Connection, L.A. Colors Art Deco Ice Breaker, Ulta Material Girl, Barielle Grape Escape, Zoya Charla, Ashley, Unforgettable Moments Sparkling Turquoise, Brash Sergeant Khaki, Totally Teal, Essie Turquoise & Caicos, Miami Nice, Color Club Orna-minted and Cosmetic Arts Covered in Diamonds. I purchased all of these myself except for the Essie polishes. They came from a swap with Ju from Lacquered Me.

I won these polishes Shadow's Nail Art 1 Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway. Beauty UK Sage Green, Black, Gunmetal, Electric Purple, Electric Blue, and Voodoo all from their Midnight Minx set, along with Pure Ice Crackle Catwalk and Shattered.

I got Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe and Foiled Collection sets from Ross. Not including the top coats, they come with: Sugarplum Fairy, Beyond the Mistletoe, Holiday Splendor, Jingle Jangle, Candy Cane, Gingerbread, Perfectly Mol-ten, Antiquated, Cold Metal, Hot Like Lava, Foil Me Once, and Lumin-icecent.

I grabbed all these from the clearance bin at Walmart. They are all Love My Nails. If you want specific names, let me know.

Abby, an awesome woman I know from PAA, was nice enough to get some Funky Fingers for me. Teal Scales, Burgandy Scales, Golden Coast, Power Chord, Monster Ballad, Cayman Island, Stage Dive, and Zeppelin.

All of these are from Amy's blog sale on I'm Feeling Nail-venturous. I originally only bought two, but she was looking for someone to hopefully purchase the rest of her listing in bulk. Since we live in the same city, I made her an offer and picked these lovely polishes up from here. These will make my first polishes from Sephora, Kleancolor, Konad, Nfu-Oh, Scherer, L.A. Girl, and Jesse's Girl. There are just too many to name, but if anyone is curious about any of them, I will post names. :)

Its a ton of polish, I know. But I'm a very savvy shopper, so I promise I did not spend as much as it seems.


  1. Wow!! That's probably close to as much polish as I have in total. You lucky girl!

  2. I buy way too much, I know. :) I have not added the polishes from the blogsale to my total, but I think I'll end up with around 300 after.

  3. Wow, now that's a haul post lol
    I love that you bought like all of Amy's lol

  4. OMG I would love to know the names of the Love My Nails polishes! Especially the glitters. Two of my favorite Love My Nails polishes are All That (purple square glitter!) and Pink Surprise (opalescent/holo diamond glitter!). I wish my Walmart had Love My Nails glitter polishes! Awesome month of haulage btw! :D So many pretties!

  5. @Shopping Addict When I post as I buy, it doesn't nearly look as bad. :)

    @I Drink Nail Polish I don't think I have either of those Love My Nails. The Walmarts here used to have them. They got rid of them. I happened to come across a clearance bin of them and snatched up one of ever color that was left, if I liked it. I'll add on the names for those later today. I'm going to be heading off to work soon.

  6. WoW :| thats alot of polishes!! aha :)

  7. What can I say, I love my nail polish :)