Monday, November 21, 2011

Untrieds Day 21 - Color Club Antiquated (with Lace Added)

Today's Monday Nail Art Challenge on PAA is lace. I really wanted to give actually placing thin lace on my nails a try. So I raided my fabric collection and found a pretty forest green lace left over from making bridesmaid dresses last year. I thought gold would be perfect so I picked up one of my Color Club polishes from their Foiled Collection.

After trying this, I have a new appreciation for people who attempt and succeed at manicures with lace fabric. I had some fraying and shifting. The fabric just sort of soaked up the top coat and did not let it dry. This design came right off after I took pictures. I only had to pinch the fabric off. 

I think lace overlays are a unique nail design, but either I lacked patience or I missed out on a trick to get this right.

Moving on from the lace and onto the polish, I love Antiquated. Great application with two coats. As the collection name implies, it has a nice foil finish. Its a very lovely subtle gold polish.

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  1. I love that idea! But it does sound messy.

  2. I'd like to try it again. But I'd give myself more time.

  3. This looks awesome!