Friday, November 11, 2011

Untrieds Day 11 - Cosmetic Arts Covered in Diamonds

I've been excited to try my first Cosmetic Arts polish. Since I still had my Rainbow Nails on, I figured there was no better day than today. I could see what the polish looked like over ten different polishes. :)

I bought this polish at Ross and their bottles rarely have labels. So finding the names is always an adventure. The name for this polish was no where to be found online. So since its an exact dupe for Color Club Covered in Diamonds, I decided that's what it'll be called. Its basically the same polish in two different bottles. Forsythe Cosmetic Group makes Color Club, Cosmetic Arts, Funky Fingers, and a couple others. So you'll see a lot of dupes among the different brands. I own a few myself, and from swatching, I can say that they tend to be identical. So if you don't like owning dupes, be careful when purchasing any of these brands to make sure you don't own that color under another name.

This is one coat of Covered in Diamonds over my rainbow colors (Essie Bone Chilling, NYC Taxi Yellow, Sally Girl Amped, Wet n Wild Red TapeLavender Creme, Love My Nails Frosted Purple, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, Wet n Wild SaGreena the Teenage Witch, Julep Olivia, and Beauty UK Gun Metal).

The application wasn't bad. Its a little thick and some pieces do not want to lay flat. Though I think how beautiful this polish is more than makes up for it. As you can see, it looks better over darker colors. By that, I mean anything darker than a pastel. It doesn't do much for the white or yellow. Though I would love to layer with the white again closer to Christmas. Reminds me of snow in a way. My favorite combo is it on top of Love My Nails Frosted Purple. I also have to add that I can see myself wearing an entire brown mani with this on top and I do not like brown nail polish.

If you love flakies, you need this gorgeous polish in your life.

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  1. So awesome! What a great flakie polish!

  2. I like it over all of the colors in the second photo! Love this flakie polish!

  3. Looks awesome! I think that yellow is my favourite! I'm just a beinner...

  4. Thank you! I am totally in love with it! And it wasn't too hard to take off at all.